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  1. The Best Cyber Monday TV and Home Theater Online Deals
  2. The Letdown of Prime Day TV Deals
  3. When Is the Best Time to Buy a TV? - NerdWallet
  4. What are the best Cyber Monday 4K smart TV deals?

The Best Cyber Monday TV and Home Theater Online Deals

After a bit of sleuthing however, it seems as though there are two prevailing theories. Yes we should, to a certain extent. As the month rolls on however, our coverage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will ramp up exponentially, covering not only the longer lasting deals but also the super quick lightening offers that are sure be gone before you know it. The dual terms Black Friday and Cyber Monday might lead you to assume that they cover two days in the year. Which would be both reasonable and logical.

But since when have hyped up retail-driven events had anything to do with reason or logic?

The Letdown of Prime Day TV Deals

No, the current span of Black Friday and Cyber Monday lasts a full month. Generally speaking, as soon as that calendar ticks over into November, the Black Friday madness begins. Related: When is Black Friday ? If the origins of Black Friday are steeped in myth and tradition, then Cyber Monday is a transparently modern and retail-driven construct. It was conceived in as a means of promoting online sales, back when such a thing was deemed necessary.

Unless the major retailers decide to surprise us with an even longer Cyber Monday schedule than last year, just expect the sale to continue past its titular Monday and carry on until the Friday of that same week December 6 th in this case.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a TV? - NerdWallet

If you think that we spent too much time obsessing over the intricacies of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can bet your brisket that retailers have been spending all year focusing on how to improve their output for Black Friday , learning upon the events of last year. Nope, with the Black Tag sale, Currys unleashed the entirety of its discounts as soon as November began, giving consumers plenty of time to find an offer that suited them.

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John Lewis on the other hand will be navigating some serious changes out of necessity. Things get tricky however when you start to shop at retailers that have UK storefronts but are actually based internationally.

What are the best Cyber Monday 4K smart TV deals?

Over the years, we've found that many of the best value deals tend to appear later in the month, on more expensive products — like TVs — where retailers could still make a profit while knocking a hefty amount off the price. In the meantime, make sure you check out our round up of the best cheap TV sales and 4K TV deals — there are already some great bargains to be had. TVs are notorious for getting heavy discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and there's usually something for everyone — whether you're looking for top-end Samsung QLED or a wallet-friendly 4K display.

View Deal. This is the same TV as above, but with an extra inches of screen, ideal for watching your favorite blockbusters in 4K.

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Dolby Atmos audio is bundled in too, though the set's 20W speakers may feel a bit underpowered by themselves. With built-in Alexa, this TV can help control your smart home and find you something to watch, all using the power of your voice. It's a TV for the 21st Century, and Best Buy was the official bricks-and-mortar retailer for the range. We should see similar deals for this year's sale, and fresh discounts on newer model 4K TVs. You didn't get an OLED display for this price — see the set below for that — but it was still getting a truly high-end television for almost half the price.

LG's webOS smart platform is one of the best out there, too. The offer's running until December 4, and may be the best we'll see for this particular set.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be stressful; after all, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of deals to sift through, and it can be difficult to know which deals are best for you. So, it's worth doing your homework ahead of time — that means checking out the retailers you think you might buy from come November, and looking out for any artificially inflated prices.

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  4. Some retailers up price from August through to October to make their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals seem better than they actually are — and this is particularly prevalent with TV deals. As much as you can, you should try to be flexible, too.