Lumia 950 deals south africa


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Results for "lumia 950" (10 Results)

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iPhone 11 Pro vs. Lumia 950 XL

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Lumia 950 deals south africa

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MTN Online Shop | Lumia XL

Even though these materials are less practical in everyday use, the general consensus is that glass and metal deliver a more premium look and feel. Both Lumia models feature a detachable rear, facilitating easy and fast removal of batteries and microSD cards. Other similarities between the two models include the screen technology, resolution, RAM, storage space and cameras. LITTLE technology, smartly combining energy-efficient cores with more powerful ones at the right time.

In practice, it does the trick: the phone seldom gets warm to the touch and never gets uncomfortably hot. Only when charging the device will you be able to notice the phone getting a little warmer. To find out how the and XL actually perform, I ran two generic system benchmarks and one specifically aimed at 3D graphics. I should point out, however, that these numbers are only indicative of actual speed and performance. Each operating system has its own, unique set of system requirements, making a direct comparison somewhat unfair. In general, the Android operating system needs more system resources than iOS and Windows — something to keep in mind when looking at the raw performance numbers.

In the grand scheme of things, however, neither can compete with the big boys when it comes to pure processing power. Again, both devices end up at the bottom of the chart. In their defence, most of the other phones can only display lower screen resolutions, ultimately resulting in a higher framerate. So, I decided to run WP Bench , which is a performance benchmark tool specifically aimed at Windows-based phones. When compared to other devices within its own Windows ecosystem, things look a lot different. But it should be noted that the other Lumias all run at a lower screen resolution.

In practice, when putting aside these raw, synthetic benchmark numbers, the Lumia and XL come across as smooth and snappy in everyday use.

Navigating through the menus, tiles, apps, functions and options is a pleasant and fast experience. I did notice that the XL reacts just a bit faster when used for day-to-day tasks and activities, presumably due to the two extra cores in the Snapdragon SoC. Is it a phone?

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Is it a PC? Continuum: phone becomes desktop One of the most innovative features of the new Lumias is Continuum. There are a few limitations, though. In addition, not all of the Windows 10 mobile apps work at this time. Developers need to add specific support for Continuum by designing their apps to be Universal Windows Platform apps.

A nice touch with Continuum is that when the device is acting like a desktop PC, it remains fully functional as a phone. Another neat trick is that the Start screen from the Lumia becomes your Start menu in desktop PC mode. The optional Microsoft dock offers a lot of ways to connect peripherals, too. A monitor for instance, can be hooked up both via wired HDMI connection or wirelessly through the use of Miracast technology. In addition, the keyboard and mouse can also connect through USB or Bluetooth. I worked with the Continuum feature for a few days and have to admit I was rather impressed with both the concept and its implementation.

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The actual desktop PC interface looks a lot like the conventional desktop version of Windows 10 and most functionality is identical. Pressing Alt-Tab switches between apps, while Windows-L locks the system and the Windows key brings up the Start menu. If you were reading a long article in Edge on the phone, you can continue doing so seamlessly on the bigger screen in desktop mode.

But there are some downsides to Continuum. Continuum definitely needs some more work.